I am unfamiliar with a traditional group break, what is it?

A tradional group break is where a group of collectors get together and buy an unopened card product. They either randomly split teams, or they bid for the rights of certain teams. Recently this phenomenon has grown as card dealers will purchase cases of cards and allow any customer to buy into a group break.  

What are the various types of drafts?

There are various types of drafts:

  1. Free Trial Drafts - We typically run these 24 hours after they "sell" out. Users can register and get into these drafts free of charge. First timers can win some free cards and experience a break draft for themselves. 
  2. Daily Break Drafts - Every night at 930pm EST we hold a draft. If slots are unsold, we insert ourselves as a user and keep the cards we select. 
  3. Custom Break Drafts - we put together a lot of cards and offer them exclusively through our website for one week. If they do not sell after one week, we place the draft rights for sale on eBay. 
  4. Blind Break Drafts - Work like a traditional break where users buy into a break only knowing the product. Once the draft is sold out, TBC breaks the case and streams the break on breakers.tv. Then the cards are uploaded and the draft begins a day or two later. 

How long is a draft?

The platform works to keep drafts short and entertaining by limiting the amount of time given to users who are not currently online. Each user who is not actively in the Draft Room, is only given 15 seconds to come online and make their pick. This helps keep the pace. The overall length of the draft varies depending on the number of rounds and the number of active users. 

Do I only get one card per draft pick?

No, at least not necessarily. Many drafts will have lots of cards grouped together. Collectors can pick the entire lot with one pick. 

What happens to the base cards in a Case Break Draft?

TBC defines base cards as any card in a product that is not a part of a special subset, a relic, an autograph, serial numbered, or a sought after rookie card. In Case Break Drafts base cards are often grouped together to form lots, usually there will be some sort of theme to the lot. Customers will have the opportunity to draft these individual lots with one selection.  

How is the draft order determined?

Once all the draft rights are purchased, this platform completes its own systematic randomization to determine the draft order. TBC cannot view or affect the outcome of the draft order. 

What are the rules for trading?

  1. All trades must be initiated through the TBC system.
  2. All trades are final. However, TBC reserves the right to reverse any trade in extraordinary situations.
  3. The window for trading ends when the Draft Room closes. 

How will my cards be shipped?

Unless otherwise noted, Check Out My Cards (COMC.com) handles all of our shipping and handling. They are professionals who deal with shipping thousands of cards per day. They know how to protect your cards and how to get them to you quickly. Or you can opt to transfer your cards to your COMC account free of charge. You can hold them in your account or just wait until you are ready to combine shipping with other purchases. 

What is my Draft Board?

A user’s Draft Board is their prioritized list of available cards. Users will have a chance to set their board as soon as the Draft Room opens. 

What happens if I am not signed in at the start of the draft or if I leave before it finishes?

Once the system recognizes that a user is not active, it will automatically make the user’s picks based off of their Draft Board. If the user does not have a Draft Board set up or if none of the cards on their Draft Board are still available, the system will use TBC’s Draft Board. 

How does TBC set their Draft Board?

The ideology behind TBC is strongly based on the motto, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We strongly believe that what one card is worth to one customer is entirely different than what it is worth to another customer. So we cannot guarantee and do not expect that customers will always agree with our Draft Board. That said, TBC will create their Draft Board based on what we believe to be the most generally desirable cards.