About Trophy BOx

I am a collector at heart. Some of my earliest memories involve my passion for sports cards and memorabilia. Like most collectors I have gone through various phases of trying to contain my collection to a specific set of parameters; and I have been utterly unsuccessful. I have spent countless hours hunting at antique shows, yard sales, hole-in-the-wall shops and online for anything I thought was a good deal. I went through a phase where the only thing I would buy was unopened product. I would pray to open a pack with that year’s hot rookie or an autograph of the hottest superstar. It was this phase of collecting that threatened to turn me away from my life’s passion.

I understood the economical reasons of why new and unopened product was becoming overly expensive; licensing and product innovation meant cards were more expensive to produce. That logic did nothing to alleviate the sting of pulling a single autographed card of a career benchwarmer from a $100 box. So I started spending less and only buying packs, but I could never get over the fear that every pack I bought had already been searched for the thicker relic cards. That is why I originally sought out to make purchasing cards more rewarding. Trophy Box Cards allows collectors to feel happy about the cards that they picked as opposed to beating themselves up for wasting their hard earned money.

Please feel free to contact Trophy Box Cards with any thoughts, comments, questions or concerns at bryce [at] trophyboxcards [dot] com